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Cerium dioxide. Dwutlenek ceru 1kg Cerium oxide. Cerium dioxide. Pure

Cerium oxide. Cerium dioxide. Clear Cerium oxide is a white or slightly creamy powder. This substance, after mixing with water, is used to remove scratches and polish the glass. With its help you can easily remove scratches and other damage. Just a normal drill, felt and cerium oxide is enough. Species: pure food Specification Name: Cerium oxide Synonyms: cerium dioxide, cerium dioxide Species: Clean technical Purity: Pure 99.5% Product identifier: Cerium oxide Other names: cerium oxide (IV), cerium oxide, cerium oxide CAS No .: 1306-38-3 EC number: 215-150-4 Chemical formula: CeO2 Molar mass: 171.11 g / mol Physical and chemical properties. Physical characteristics: solid, white, light brown or pale yellow Odor: no smell Melting / freezing point: 622 ° C Flammability (solid, gas): non-flammable Relative density: 2.55 g / cm3 Solubility: Easily soluble in the following materials: hot water Soluble in the following materials: cold water Very slightly soluble in the following materials: methanol Insoluble in the following materials: ethyl ether Auto-ignition temperature: not inflammable Explosive properties: the product is not explosive Oxidizing properties: the product has no oxidizing properties. Polishing the glass with the help of cerium oxide To remove scratches from the glass surface, mix cerium oxide with water in a 1: 1 ratio. The resulting paste should be applied to the scratched surface and polished using a drill and felt pad (hard felt or felt with a flex pad). Drill turns should not be too high - preferably 500-600 rpm. Make sure that the mixture is not too dry. During polishing, you can use a water spray to moisten the polished surface and a felt disc. You can also use professional mechanical polishers for polishing. For the best effect, polish the surfaces evenly, making small circles. It is also recommended to polish the area around the scratches. It is important not to polish one spot for too long, as this may lead to a dimple on the surface of the glass, and with a fast car, it may lead to a lens effect. The best effect is obtained in the case of not too deep, not noticeable under the nail drawing. Packaging 100g of cerium oxide is enough to polish about 6 car windows.

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